Does it cost me money to have a subscription?


An initial fee is charged to signup for a subscription.  This is to insure the buyer is really going to pay for the case that we order into stock for them.

When the initial case is shipped, the entire signup fee is credited to the first shipment.  This causes confusion with some buyers because the first case shipped will always cost less than the 2nd case shipped.  When the 2nd case ships, the charge will be for the case plus the cost of shipping.

When I signup, what case should I expect to receive?

This depends on when you signup!

If we are between case codes, you will receive the next incoming case.

If we have extra, unsold cases, we will ship you the newest case code in stock.

When we know a case is coming from the factory, we will send an email to let you know they are in route and will be charged and shipped pretty quickly.

How do I cancel my subscription?

When you signup for a sub, you can find it in your user control panel on the website.  You can cancel there!

How do I know what my shipping costs will be?

You can use the Contact Us link on the main navigation bar to request a shipping quote.  We will need you zip code if you are in the US.  If you are an International buyer, we will need you city, province, and postal code.

I need to change my payment method...how can I do that?

If you need to change your credit card information, you can login to the website and find them under your user profile.  You can edit, add, and delete payment methods there!


Do you accept pre-orders?

We generally do not list items for pre-order as manufacturer tentative release dates and the date they actually release can vary greatly.

We prefer to take subscriptions so we can ship out your items as soon as they arrive, and by having an active subscription, you will be sure to receive the items you want.

Are the cases you sell factory sealed?

100% YES!

Many buyers accuse us of opening cases before we send them out.  There’s a few things wrong with this accusation:

#1 – We are a business and only have our name and reputation to support our sales!  Opening cases would be a business killer and it is not something we would morally do.  We feed our families with this business.  Doing anything detrimental to our customers and sales would be shooting ourselves in the foot.

#2 – We get 100’s of cases in at a time and have 100’s of cases to ship out at a time.  We have no time to search cases and cherry pick items!

We have MANY customers who pull Super Treasure Hunts out of the cases we ship out.  Not all cases contain a regular treasure hunt, contrary to popular belief.  These cases are randomly packed at the factory and there is no rhyme or reason as to what should be, or is, in a sealed case.


Can you make sure there are no paint issues or crooked, or missing, tampos on my item?

We make every effort possible to check each item we ship for issues like these, but we ship a lot of items daily and, sometimes, we miss them!  We do not offer returns for items that have these issues.

I am a collector. Can you guarantee that my items will be free from all defects?

At Grana Toys, we know you are a collector and we do everything in our power to make sure your items get to you in perfect condition.   Every item we ship out is free of bent corners, loose blisters, and creased cards.

What we cannot control is the shipping partner you choose for shipping your package.  USPS and FedEx can be rough on packages.  Sometimes, items shift during transit or can be crushed.   We cannot give you a 100% guarantee that your items will not have issues, but this is very rare, and 99.9% of items arrive in the same manner that they were shipped in.


Do you ship in a box?

Yes!  Regardless of what you purchase, we always ship in boxes.  No mailers or bags are used, and we always use bubble wrap, air pillows, or packing peanuts to make sure your items are protected when travelling to you during the shipment process.

I just placed an order. When should I expect it to ship and how will I know it shipped?

Generally, we ship your package the same day you order if it is submitted before 12pm CST.  If it is after 12pm, it will be shipped the next day.

As soon as your shipping label is printed, you will receive an automated email with the tracking number and other pertinent information to your order.  Please check this email and notify us immediately if something is incorrect.

What shipping carriers does Grana Toys use?

For domestic shipments, we generally use USPS First Class Package Service and USPS Priority Mail.  For larger packages, it is generally more cost effective to use FedEx.  99% of the time, we ship with the method you choose on checkout, but if we can get it to you faster using a different service, we will do so.

For International shipments, we use USPS First Class International and USPS Priority Mail International for lighter packages.  If you are a case buyer, we also use FedEx International shipping.